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2-Letter .EE domains

Perfect premium class domains for your URL shortener services, QR technology platforms and more.

EE is the TLD of Estonia, Europe. It is also the abbreviation for Electrical engineering.

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Best domains

.EE - Estonia (Europe).        Price: only 109 USD / domain        Costs/year**: only 49 USD / domain
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2 letter and 2 number domains

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Our big 2-letter list

.EE - Estonia (Europe).        Price: only 109 USD / domain        Costs/year**: only 49 USD / domain

3 letter and 3 number domains

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.EE - Estonia (Europe).        Price: only 109 USD / domain        Costs/year**: only 49 USD / domain

What's so special about short domain names?

A single character domain is not only really rare and treasured. It has special technological properties that other domains do not have. For some innovative technologies for example a one-character domain like 1.nf is worth more than a 100 short, rare and expensive 2-character long domains, while a 2-character is still worth more than a 3-character long. This domains can be used for many special purposes. A few examples:

Only 1476 so exclusive in the world!

Only 36 domains per country!

Each country can offer only 36 1-byte long domains. It's the worlds shortest possible domain length for second level domains. And the very most countries reserved them. That is what makes them extremely rare. Our most actual intern report counts only 792 domains in the world with a real long-term business value. As can be imagined almost all of them are taken.

Factors to choose our one letter domains or one digit domain names:

Our products and services:


  • one letter domains for sale from 1129,- USD
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  • individual search for worlds shortest 1 letter domains / 1 digit domains
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  • individual search for two character domains (2 letter domains / 2 number domains / mixed)
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1-single-letter-domains.com - your source for shortest domains on the Internet

We provide short, shorter and the shortest domains you can buy on the Internet. We take care to offer domains for serious business purpose that meet high stability requirements. We offer only registries with a good reputation, infrastructure and location to support business as good as possible and shield you from risks. Our aim is to support you so you can develop your technologies and ideas without bad adventures with a domain.

Any questions? Contact us: info@1-single-letter-domains.com

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* data according to Council of Country Code Administrators (CoCCA), nic.nf
** please note: the renewal prices and conditions depend on third parties - the registrars - and we have no influence to changes of them. The price information comes by best knowledge and intentions but with no warranty at all. You are free to choose your own registrar for holding the domain and can control the prices and other conditions in your own responsibility.
*** if you are interested in QR code technologies, designs, consulting or individual solutions please contact us
4 prices taken from registrars or resellers at 06.02.2013. .ws:http://samoanic.ws/faq/pricing.dhtml, .tc:http://adamsnames.com/pricing/
5 domains in potential sale process might be no more available. You can still attempt to buy the domain but a success is possible only if the client before you did not finish the transaction properly. If it was not possible to finish and order the domain for you you will get a refund of your payment.
6 prepaid period can only be used as long the domain remains hosted with MobileSpecialists. When changing the operator (registrant) the free prepaid time depends only on the new operator conditions and might be lost.
The amount of possible not restricted 1-byte 1-character domains is listed as 792 in the current version of the Shortest Internet Address Report - an intern report of MobileSpecialists.net
7 minimal rent time are 6 months. Renting a domain allows you to use the domain but is not equal with aquireing the ownership. The whois owner records stay by MobileSpecialists. We still can confirm to third parties that you have a preffered first-buy right to aquire the ownership so reselling is possible.
Please note: for .us domains (USA) you must have a residence in the USA to buy this domain.

All prices are complete end prices without VAT tax as according to § 19 (1) UStG.

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